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Softcap: 8,000,000 Terciv Tokens
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The way we consume information is changing rapidly

The Social Network effect

Today, more than 6 out of ten U.S. adults get their news from social media, with a vast majority coming from social network outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Government Campaigns

Between 2015 and 2017, 4 different election cycles, in 4 different countries were the target of fake news campaign to influence potential voters.

We can't trust what we read

The attempts to address these issues have been vastly inefficient. News articles that are intentionally or verifiably false remain on the platform.

We believe what we can't trust

Anyone can copy the logo of a reputable news network like Fox News, Le Monde or CNN, write an article with falsehoods and post it online.

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Terciv will ensure the authorship of articles

Our audience will know that they are reading a article from Fox News, CNN, BBC, Washginton Post, etc


  • Create a dynamic blockchain enabled public ledger that will facilitate the verification of content.

  • Provide a platform for content creators/publishers to certify the authorship of their content.

  • Apply the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and NLP to help identify misinformation being shared on the web.

  • Decrease the amount of misinformation being spread on the web to help foster and maintain an informed population.

  • Global adoption of the Terciv Blockchain through growth of the Terciv Ecosystem.

  • To serve as the first line of defense against the spread of Fake News.

Token Sale

Token Sales : 80 Million Terciv Coins

Rounds : 5 (over 3 years)

Bonus : 14,063,000 Tokens

Bounties : 5,540,311 Tokens

Total Terciv Coins : ~110,000,000 Tokens

1st Round Date : February 01,2018

In each round an allocation of up to 20% will be reserved for large investors. Applying the math for both the Discount Bonuses, as well as the Large Investor Bonuses (assuming the first 20% get that bonus) the total Tokens that will be sold in all 5 rounds will amount to 94,063,000 Token.

Phase PresaleRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5total
Discount %75%20%15%10%5%0%-
Investor %

Minimum Contribution of Invested Coins :


To ensure that there will be no price manipulation, contributors to the project along with the founding team's will be subject to the same rules, regulations and vesting periods

  • Development 45%
  • Blockchain 20%
  • Machine Learning 15%
  • 3rd Party Application 5%
  • Wallet, SDK & Ecosystem 5%
  • Marketing & Administrative 30%
  • Sales 10%
  • Media/Public Relation 8%
  • Socail Media/Ads 4%
  • Lobbying 3%
  • Travel 3%
  • Legal/Emergency 2%
  • Operation 15%
  • Equipment 6%
  • Service 4%
  • Rent 3%
  • Consulting 2%
  • Team 10%
  • Founding Team 5%
  • Core Team 3%
  • Boarding Member 2% & Advisors
Investors: Contributors to the Terciv project during the ICO phase of our token sale will be subject to the schedule. After the first day after a contribution, the Terciv tokens will have an initial 6 month freeze. On the 181st day after a contribution, tokens will be released to investors over the following 12 months at a rate of %8.33. From the time of the transaction, investors can expect to receive the full balance of their Terciv tokens after 18 months.
Engineering Headcount 2018 Forecast2019 Forecast 2020 Forecast
Data Science6888216
Data Science6888216


For every fake news article submitted to the blockchain, we will reward a total of 25 tokens. For articles submitted that are being distributed on social networks and have reached a minimum of 5,000 views, we will reward 100 tokens. For every article submitted via social network that has confirmed 100,000 views, we will reward 1,000 tokens.

Fake Articles

Fake Articles SubmittedBonusTotal Terciv coins rewarded
10 %25 Terciv Coin
1010 % 500 Terciv Coins
10020 %1,000 Terciv Coins
150 50 % 1,500 Terciv Coins


Terciv is a world wide Blockchain effort which will have an impact on all corners of the globe. We will reward users who will help translate the Terciv whitepaper and website into other languages in order for us to expand our reach.

Developer Bounties

Android1 Terciv Coin10 Terciv Coins100 Terciv Coins1000 Terciv Coins 10,000 Terciv Coins
i OS1 Terciv Coin10 Terciv Coins100 Terciv Coins1000 Terciv Coin 10,000 Terciv Coins

Open sourced as guide for developers to integrate with Terciv.

An example of 3rd party POC development efforts is the iOS open source app that will consume newsarticles directly from the blockchain. The purpose of this application is not to have a fully developed iOSnews app that is developed and supported by Terciv. Instead, the source code will be posted on the Terciv website with an interactive documentation guide exaplaining in full detail how to integrate with theblockchain using the Terciv REST API

Download source code from GitHub


The Terciv Wallet




John Terrero is a 90’s born baby in 80’s. As part of the first 8 million internet users, John developed a healthy fascination for technology at an early age. His career has been down many roads, starting at network engineering, moving to data science and then software architecture design.

John Terrero

Founder | Architect


I invest seed capital in early stage SaaS companies founded in New York City. I focus on founders uniquely obsessed with a pain point they encountered in their professional lives. I offer operational expertise alongside capital. My portfolio includes Squarespace, Splash, JustWorks, Simon, Etsy, and Cadre

Jesse Hertzberg



Eric Speeak is a talented network engineer responsible for designing scalable architectures that span continents. Holder of a CISSP, he has garnered the reputation as one of the top engineers in the East Coast of the U.S.

Eric Speer

Advisor | Datacenter Operation


Sinohe Terrero is the chief financial officer of QUID, an intelligence paltform that combines search premium data, and high-performance algorithms to create visualisations of market, trends and cultural phenomena. He servered INDIEGOGO as the SVP.

Sinohe Terrero

Advisor | Finance


Currently Interviewing


Currently Interviewing


Entrepreneurial and result oriented finance/strategy/public accounting professional with over ten years of progressive experience in industries such as Prime Brokerage, Wealth Management, SaaS, Salesforce, Workday, Cross-Platform Solution, Internet of Things, Banking, Capital Markets and Consumer Banking.

John M Liz

Advisor | Marketing


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Mission driven and people focused operations, accounting, and finance professional with over 10 years of experience in technical accounting, corporate operational finance, e-commerce, and corporate/investor reporting. Passionate about technology, education, culture, mentoring, travel, people, and stories.

Manny Guerrero

Business Development


Currently Interviewing

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